Multiculturalism.02 – Racism

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I want to be clear … very clear.

Multiculturalism is the attempted blending of many cultures into one, large melting pot. And it cannot work because, by definition, cultures are rooted in religion, and religions, by nature, compete for allegiance.

Nazi nationalism was (is) a religion. It was a religion because at its core its followers pledged their ultimate allegiance to an ideology (Nationalist Socialism). The Third Reich’s power came from this pledge as fostered and promoted by an idolized man (Adolph Hitler). In those horrible years, Hitler and the German State became god, demanding submission and allegiance. I am devoting an entire blog post to nationalism in my upcoming series titled THE PATRIOT. Be on the lookout for it.

The same religious connection can be made with any nationalist ideology. It is true of Stalin’s Soviet, collectivist empire, and of Mao’s, and of any nation where the state is elevated above God.

Human beings were created by God for worship. And worship we will. We will worship the One True, Trinitarian God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, or we will worship something or someone else. Worship cannot be avoided. We MUST worship. We cannot NOT worship. It is how we are made.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (Daniel Chapter 3) found themselves cast into a “fiery furnace” because of their singular and unwavering allegiance to Almighty God. They refused to bow down or bend their knee in worship to Babylon’s King Nebuchadnezzar.

State worship is at the root of the multicultural idea. This is why I am opposed to any and all attempts to cast off America’s Judeo-Christian core principles, to de-throne God (ha … as if that were possible), and to build a society where the state is supreme. Even if the goal (multiculturalism) sounds like a good thing to do.

Now … as I said above … I want to be clear … very clear.

Opposition to multiculturalism MUST NOT be confused with racism. Furthermore, multiculturalism IS NOT the cure for racism. I will get to the cure in just a minute.

I am told by my God to love all people. Therefore, I have a duty, an obligation, to look past skin color, ethnicity, nation of origin, and any other identifier that would compel me to reject someone simply because of their appearance or their ethnic heritage. Biblically, Christianly, it is wrong—a sin even—to do so. God loves all people, regardless of their race or origin. For me to do less is purely unacceptable.

But we are warned by God to avoid alliances and covenants with cultures that worship other gods. Note there is no Biblical delineator with respect to race or ethnicity. Christians are also told that yoking ourselves to unbelievers is unwise. This can be true in marriage as well as in business partnerships. Again, there is no Biblical delineator with respect to race or ethnicity. The restriction has everything to do with ideology and worship.

Now … as promised … the cure for racism … drum roll please … here it comes … The cure for racism is submission to The Lord Jesus Christ. When we obey his command to love, and do so by an act of our will, he, in  turn, changes our hearts so that, in time, we can actually feel love. But obedience must come first. Any questions?

Much more could be said (and perhaps will in future posts). I offer these thoughts here today because since I am focusing on the perils of multiculturalism, I thought it best to provide this clarification.

Up next … Multiculturalism, The Myth, Part 1 of 2

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