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a.line.in.the.sandToday marks the 109th blog post of The Famished Patriot. Perhaps it is fitting that I let you in on a little secret and reveal the method to my madness. Allow me a few minutes of your time, and I will explain to you what I am doing and why.

First, a bit of history …

In November of 2008, my American countrymen elected Barack Obama president of the United States. That reality, coupled with the Democrat Party in charge of both houses of Congress, made it abundantly clear that great damage was about to be done to our American republic. Oh … a great deal of damage had already been done by George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and many before them. But the shift that would come, and did come, with the 2008 election, made previous shifts look pale by comparison. I found myself among the alarmed.

I took A Circuitous Route to eventually get to The Famished Patriot blog. Today I want to tell you why I write about the things I write about, and why you, Dear Reader, need to continue to read The Famished Patriot blog.

Our beloved country, the United States of America, is rapidly coming apart at the seams. Meanwhile, the American Church sits on the sidelines, watching our culture unravel. Oh sure, some are out there on the front lines. Should I name a few?

I will leave my list with those five named. But I am certain that you can think of others. Here’s my point. There are literally MILLIONS of Americans who claim to be Christians. Where are they? Why are they so silent?

There is a reason! MILLIONS of American Christians are absent in our battle because they have no vision. Consider the wisdom found in Proverbs 28:19:

  • ESV: Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint …
  • KJV: Where there is no vision, the people perish …
  • YLT: Without a vision is a people made naked …

Now … The Famished Patriot is just one small voice (often lonely), crying in what seems like a wilderness. I write because I have a burden to impart a vision.

I began this venture on June 21, 2011. Today marks our one-hundred-and-ninth (109th) blog post. From the outset I have been writing mostly about culture, although I have touched on a few other themes. On December 26th, I revealed some new themes that I plan to explore in 2012. And although I have been writing about politics most recently, culture will always be a theme in my writing, because culture pretty much touches all of life in some way.

Here’s my thinking …

Christian, you don’t fight for culture because you honestly do not believe that it belongs to you.

We have no vision (or only a little bit of vision) because there are not enough vision-casters. So when I set out (at the urging of my pastor by the way) to begin The Famished Patriot blog, I set out to become a vision-caster.

The first step on my agenda was to begin to plant the idea in the minds of my readers that culture belongs to God, and that we are culture’s caretakers.

Take a few moments, please, to ponder this idea. If need be, go back and re-read from The Grand Narrative and allow the ideas to take root in your heart and mind.

We won’t fight for culture unless we believe that it belongs to us. It is a gift from God – a trust from him really – that we are called to steward.

On Monday, I will begin a short series titled The Government We Deserve. You won’t want to miss it.

The picture above? Oh … that’s William B. Travis at The Alamo, drawing a line in the sand.

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