tfp.2012.04.07.Seek-GodWell … I was planning on posting an article about AFFIRMATION. I was planning on posting it yesterday (Friday). But I didn’t. My plan got interrupted by something more important.

I am posting this brief note today (Saturday) just to inform my two regular readers (kidding) that I have decided to take a short hiatus from regular and systematic blogging in order to devote some time to a short, intensified season of seeking God. I am in the midst of sorting out several matters. I need God’s help and guidance. But mostly, I just need more of HIM in my life. The added pressure of producing three weekly blog posts is something I cannot afford right now.

I don’t think my break will be long. Maybe a few days. Maybe a week or two. I will try and post a little something every couple of days just to keep The Famished Patriot’s good name in front of you. And please keep me in your prayers.

If you are hungry for more of The Famished Patriot’s writings, check out some of the stuff from days gone by. There’s a lot out there.


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