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Those of you who have been following me for a while know that these last few months have been a bit traumatic. Thanks to all of you who have kept me in your prayers. And to those of you who have supported me with your personal words of encouragement, your friendship, and by buying my books, I express my deepest appreciation.

I have launched a new venture that I am calling EIGHTARENAS Books and Publications. I hope to have a website up soon. I am making some of my best writing available in book/booklet form and I will have more to say about what I mean by “Eight Arenas” in future blog posts. In the meantime, I want to tell you about the three books I have for sale. And oh, reviews are starting to come in. Here is what is currently available through

cover.01.prophets.Prophets & Prophetic Words: The Prophetic Voices That Shape Our World.

Since time began, God has made himself known to man. In the Scriptures, God provides us with a clear picture of who he is, what he expects, and what provisions he has made for our sinful state. The ultimate revelation of God is the appearance of Jesus Christ, in the flesh. Two thousand years later, we wonder if God still speaks to us.

PROPHETS & PROPHETIC WORDS: The Prophetic Voices That Shape Our World, is not about speculative, end-time scenarios. Rather, it is an honest look at how the prophetic word, both God’s and man’s, have shaped and continue to shape the world we live in today.

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Wanted: Prophets for the 21st Century: By D.P. Cook
I can’t say I was that well informed about prophets before reading Mr. Weaver’s book. As I understood it, prophets were/are the biblical crazies that predict apocalyptic events. They are usually publicly scorned, intimidated, and made fun of. I don’t know any current prophets, and would anyone even dare to admit if they were in our American culture? However Mr. Weaver’s book changed my view of the function that prophets play in the Church.

From the start, Mr. Weaver presents an analogy that demonstrates the important balance of Ephesians 4:11. From his analogy, you start to realize that the [absence] of [the] prophets results in a unhinged Church. Without prophetic vision and leadership, Mr. Weaver clearly illustrates chapter by chapter the end results (just a hint, it looks a lot like today). How much longer can our American culture continue without our prophets?

Mr. Weaver also expounds biblically on what it means to be a prophet. He gets away from the current cultural definition, and shows through biblical examples how a true prophet “walks” and “talks.” I realized throughout the book the need we have for these prophets. We, as a Church, have sequestered their voices to remain socially acceptable. How much longer will God hold back his judgment to those who don’t want to hear His Voice or see His Vision?

I would highly recommend this book. We have definitely have lost our desire for God’s Vision in our country. Without our return to prophets and their prophetic words, we may never again see God’s providence in our land.

Possibly The Best: N. Adams

“Good book. Possibly the best info out there on prophecy. Prophecy gets weird and wacky (like the ‘schools’ of prophets), and it’s good to see treatment of it that’s fair and balanced.”

cover.102.eight.realitiesEight Realities: A Quick Look At Eight Undeniable Truths—12 Min Read.

Included in this short, digital booklet, readers will find eight rock-solid, inescapable truths, benchmarks if you will, that when understood and applied to our thinking processes, help provide us an accurate “lay of the land” and “tie back” our lives into God-centered reality.

EIGHT REALITIES: A Quick Look At Eight Undeniable Truths is, in essence, the heart of the gospel, in eight, short, one page bites. Humanity pivots on the story of the virgin birth, the cross, and the resurrection, seminal events by which every man’s and every woman’s eternal dwelling place will be determined.

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Clarity! By J. Ling
Mark Weaver has produced a clear and concise presentation of the gospel in this little book. A valuable tool to give to family or friends who are exploring Christianity and need clarity on the basics of the gospel. Mark’s style is neither “preachy” nor pandering but straightforward in a friendly tone. If you are a fan of the Two Ways to Live gospel presentation, then this will be a valuable companion. Run Amok: How Failures In Family And Church Have Placed Our Nation At Risk—22 Min Read.

Life in America has become malformed. Things are out of balance. The three governmental institutions that God created—family, church and civil—are not in alignment with our Creator’s design. They have lost their Divine equilibrium. Family and church influence have diminished, while civil powers have expanded exponentially. And all suffer as a result.

AUTHORITY RUN AMOK: How Failures In Family And Church Have Placed Our Nation At Risk explores what happens when the family and the Church shrink back from their God-given, governmental roles in God’s creation.

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