48 Years–This Old Guitar No. 1

1967-Country Boy

It has been almost 48 years since my parents gave me my first guitar on my 14th birthday in 1965. A lover of Dylan, Peter, Paul and Mary, and all things acoustic, I gravitated toward the folk scene. In 1967, Dad and I crafted our first tune together, a short little ditty titled Country Boy (approx. 40 seconds long). I’ve linked it above. In this production, recorded in 2002, I added some echo. I’m no producer by a longshot. I’ve dubbed my cheesy little home recording studio, Crappy Productions, Inc. But hey, I was (and am) having fun, so who cares?

Somewhere back in the early ‘90’s I catalogued all of the songs I had written—at least the ones I could remember. I listed 138 tunes.Country Boy is the first song I wrote and the first of what I hope to be numerous offerings I will be posting on The Famished Patriot blog in the days/weeks to come.


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One Response to “48 Years–This Old Guitar No. 1”

  1. Pretty good Weave for a first effort. You were on the right track, if only the song lyrics had said something like: “Well life on the farm is kinda laid back, ain’t much an old country boy like me can’t hack…. etc.” you would have had a real winner. You were ahead of your time cause Denver recorded his County Boy in 1974.

    With that “But hey” in your post it sounds like Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty has been rubbing off on you! LOL. Thanks Mark.

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