The Culture of Death


1973. Abortion is legalized. America invites the “culture of death” into the mainstream. From that moment forward, the “culture of death” carried on its nasty business right in our midst, quietly, silently, with only minimal disruption, the count now at 57 million lives snuffed out in their mother’s wombs. Deaths most often for convenience sake.

1995. Timothy McVeigh blows up the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City,Oklahoma, killing 168 people.

1999. Eric Harris and Dylan Kliebold take the lives of thirteen high school students in Columbine, Colorado.

2001. Four planes are hijacked and used as weapons. Over 3,000 Americans lose their lives in a morning of terror. The “culture of death” visits America from afar. In the years that follow, many smaller acts of terror ensue as the “culture of death” continues to visit America (Fort Hood, Boston, Oklahoma, etc.)

2002. John Allen Muhammed and Lee Boyd Malvo snuffed out the lives of 17 innocent victims in a multi-state killing spree that spanned eight months and ended at a rest stop on Interstate 70 in Maryland.

The list of other killing sprees in America is too long to list here, But a few of the more notable ones include the Amish schoolhouse murders in Lancaster, PA, the killings at VA Tech where 32 students died, Sandy Hook Elementary School, and many others. Let’s jump ahead to the present …

2015. A lone gunman slaughters nine people in a prayer meeting in Charleston, SC.

2015. A criminal illegal alien who had been deported five times, returns again and murders a young woman in San Francisco. We have also learned that thousands of criminal illegals have been released back into our communities over the last several years, and that according to Mark Thiessen of the Washington Post, there have been 121 murders by illegal aliens released by the current administration since 2010. The “culture of death” unleashed on our home soil.

2015. A Muslim extremist murders four Marines and a sailor at a recruitment center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The “culture of death” visits America once more.

2015. Over forty-two years after the US Supreme court ruled that it was legal to murder a baby in the womb, a video surfaced exposing the sale of body parts of the unborn, by Planned Parenthood. Are Americans beginning to finally see the unseemly fruit of the “culture of death?”

Yes, America has embraced the “culture of death.” We invited it in, in a legalized, wholesale way, in 1973. Is it any wonder now that tragic, violent, terrorist-bred deaths, are becoming more commonplace?

I think Dr. Nucatola’s detached rendering of what goes on in wombs in Planned Parenthood clinics, is actually the “tell” in this game we’ve been playing with death here in America. The silent, swept-under-the-carpet, nothing-to-see-here-let’s-move-along-people mindset of the pro-choice crowd, just showed its ugly head. Sickening isn’t it, what really goes on in these dark, secret places?

Yes, America is in a spiritual battle. Death is death, whether in the womb, or in the terrorist’s weapons of war. We wanted it. We wanted death quietly, and for convenience, and we called it choice. Now we have few choices left but to hope death by terrorist doesn’t come knocking in our community, or on the doors of our family members or friends, or anywhere really, we just want this bloody mess to go away. But it’s here, on our our doorstep. We’re staring it in the face in broad daylight. Death-by-terrorist is lurking in the shadows, stealing our peace and our sense of security here at home. And there’s little we can do but pray. God has a way of bringing nations to this kind of place. And frankly, I don’t think that on the whole, we’re even close to that place where we as a nation cry out to God. It will most likely come to that at some point. But by then, how much will the “culture of death” have stolen from us?

”It could happen any place at any time,” we are told.

Death is stalking us, not on a battlefield, not in some far off distant place. But here, in our schools, our churches, our strip malls, our workplaces, at our sporting events, just about any place where people gather.

Some will scoff at this connection between violence in the womb and acts of terror. Some will say that America has long had a “culture of death.” Look what we did to the Native Americans. And then there’s slavery and the Civil War and …

No arguments here. America has had a hand in some horrifically bad things on our own soil over the last nearly two-and-a-half centuries.

It is my position however, that when we legally opened up the womb to eliminate (in most cases) the inconvenience of an unwanted pregnancy, and legalized the murder of the most innocent and helpless among us, we invited terror upon ourselves.

The rollout of this visible, broad daylight terror has been slow, and, with the exception of the most heinous (9/11), we’ve quickly learned to tune out the stories a few days after they pass from the headlines.

But now it seems, with jihadists living among us, and many being freshly radicalized all the time, even through their home Internet connections, that the “culture of death” is stalking us more and more.

If we wish, we can separate the foreign, or even native-born Muslim jihadists, and the illegal immigant, murdering criminals, from the American, home-grown Adam Lanzas, Timothy McVeighs and Dylann Roofs. But in the end, they are all delivering the same darkness, the same fear, the same curse – DEATH!

America, have we finally obtained what we’ve sought? Have we worshiped our own selves to such a degree that the lives of our unborn children no longer matter? I believe we have. I believe we are seeing God’s judgment upon our land, for the reckless, devil-may-care approach we have taken with millions of unborn Americans. Crimes this wicked – the murdering of unborn, innocent children – cannot go unpunished by a righteous God. Mock me if you wish, belittle my arguments, reject my conclusions. God will still have the final say in this matter. I mean read your Bibles for crying out loud!

Now Jesus said, “I came that they may have LIFE and have it abundantly.” He can forgive the most heinous of sins, even abortion. He’s good like that. But we must repent and ask, and “go and sin no more.”

Consider my thoughts please. America will not be fixed by politics or new laws. It will not be fixed by stripping our guns from us, or taking down the Confederate flag, or anything else that “offends.” The truth is, God Himself is offended by America. And she can only be fixed by facing up to the truth of what she’s done, by repenting for it, and by seeking the face of God. He truly is our only hope.

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