The “Unprotected”

tfp.2016.02.26.trump4Please take a few minutes and read Peggy Noonan’s insightful article linked below. In it, she divides America into two groups. She calls them the “Protected” and the “Unprotected.”

The “Protected” group includes those in positions of political power, the media elite, the wealthy, and those whose wealth and power insulate them from the consequences of the policies and ideas they foist upon the rest of us.

The “Unprotected” group includes basically everyone else, people like you and me who are far more impacted by economic ups and downs, and feel essentially at the mercy of those in positions of power and influence on a large scale.

In today’s political climate, she says, we are witnessing the rise of the “Unprotected.”

In my view, this is both good news, and bad.

The good news is, we Americans appear to be awakening. The bad news is, I don’t think the everyday American is really equipped to make wise choices as to what to do with this new-found power of the “Unprotected,” rising.

Ahead of us, I see three paths:

1.       The Socialist Path. Will we continue to follow the same course we are already on, but with an even greater intensity? When we look at other nations and people down through history, we see other “Unprotected” groups who chose to empower the few to take care of the many. These decisions have never ended well. In America, it is the foolish utopian dream set into motion by the likes of Woodrow Wilson, strengthened by FDR, sent into high gear by LBJ, nearly metastasized by Barack Obama, and now, with the candidacy of Bernie Sanders and his socialist shadow, Hillary Clinton. This foolish utopian dream (read nightmare) could very easily be coming into full play. Be careful what you wish for.

2.       The Populist Path. This is the path chosen by those who look for a savior to deliver them. “The Donald” is the face of this movement. In Trump, the “Unprotected” see a hero, one who can fix what ills the nation. For me, the unexplainable, almost impenetrable popularity of this candidate, exposes the intellectual weakness of many in the American conservative ranks. Even many evangelicals are captivated by this bully of a man who has given us little of substance amidst a great deal of bluster. The danger here is that we do not really know who or what we are getting with this candidate. His bold proclamations speak the words (though sometimes crassly) that we wish to hear. Although he himself is extremely wealthy and privileged, he has become, for many, the “voice” of deliverance that we have been yearning for. He is to America, what King Saul was to ancient Israel – a man “handsome and head and shoulders” (figuratively speaking) above the crowd. Can you not see the connection between the Socialist and the Populist Path? In both cases, the “Unprotected” wish someone other than themselves to fix what is wrong. Be careful what you wish for.

3.       The Historic, Constitutionalist Path. This now leads me to the only path that will take us out of this nightmarish American train wreck we are now experiencing. “We the People,” we the “Unprotected,” must rise and fix this country ourselves. We must wrestle away power from the “Protected” and restore that power to its rightful owner. We don’t need a nanny state. We don’t need a savior (many of us already have the true Savior, Jesus). We need a restoration of the understanding of the true, historic, American, Constitutional principles of liberty. Sanders, Clinton and yes, even Trump, have not a clue about them. I wonder how many of Trump’s avid fans can actually articulate the principles of Historic American Liberty? Ted Cruz, though not that photogenic or affable, is the one, in my view, with the strongest credentials. He not only knows the Constitution, he has fought uncompromisingly for it in many halls of government. Behind him, Rubio, Kasich, and Carson are all men I could likewise cast a November vote for if I had to. I think, to a lesser degree, they are far closer to my way of thinking than the three clownish aforementioned office-seekers in Nos. 1 and 2 above. The Historic, Constitutionalist Path is what I wish for.

So, read Noonan’s piece, contemplate mine, and choose your own path prayerfully and wisely. Do you want a nanny state, a savior to fix everything for you, or historic, Constitutional, American self-government from the bottom up?


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