Down in the Slime Pit

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a Women for Hillary event at the New York Hilton hotel in midtown Manhattan one day ahead of the New York primary, Monday, April 18, 2016, in New York.  (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”

Jeremiah 17:9 King James 2000 Bible

Generally speaking, when Donald Trump opens his mouth to talk about people who have spoken ill of him or people who oppose him, and I am in earshot, I feel slimed.

Whenever Hillary Clinton opens her mouth to becloud and skirt the charges of her mishandling of classified government documents, or Benghazi, or (insert random scandal here), I feel slimed.

Last night on Facebook, discussing the election on more than one thread with Christian friends, many of whom are choosing not to vote next month or vote third party, I felt like I was dragged down into the slime pit. No wait … let me clarify that. I willingly jumped in, I was not dragged down.

Don’t misunderstand me. They were generally civil conversations. It’s the whole idea of arguing politics with Christian friends (or friends of friends) that is so disturbing to me. And that (not Donald or Hillary) is what made me feel slimy last night.

On the news (and in Facebook conversations), I hear from (and read about) pastors who are disgusted with our top two candidates. Who isn’t? I hear them bemoan the current state of affairs and make statements about why they cannot vote for the Republican candidate because of his foul mouth and crude behavior. Like I said above, I myself often feel slimed when that man speaks.

I had a rough night sleeping last night and woke up with a very troubled spirit. Distressed, I reached up toward heaven. “Lord help me, I prayed. Help us.”

And then it hit me.

Our top two candidates have arrived and they represent the visible manifestation of America’s wicked heart, now at the top of the heap. And what a heap it is!

Yes! America has a heap of a wicked heart. Since 1973, Americans have slaughtered (according to one source) over 58 million unborn in the womb. Yes, that is wickedness. We now go out of our way to embrace homosexual behavior as normal. Some stores and even some schools no longer distinguish between male and female on their bathroom doors in order to accommodate the “transgender” people.

Let’s not fool ourselves. We Americans have been down in the slime pit for several decades now. And that is why the sudden outrage or disgust offered by many Christians over Trump’s recently exposed eleven-year-old, sexually charged comments is, frankly, baffling.

Have none of you been watching film or television, listening to music, or reading lately? The slime pit has been slowly growing right beneath our feet for well over a generation now. Where have you been, pastors? Why the sudden affront to your sensibilities? Have you been asleep all this time?

Our public schools and most of our colleges and universities are now cut loose from our nation’s original Judeo-Christian moorings. God has essentially been removed from the public square and the public classroom. And because of that, the public has essentially cast off restraint. Yeah … it’s dark out there.

This morning, in my mind’s eye, after I woke up disturbed and then prayed, an image came to play in my mind. I saw the ground’s surface, bubbling and oozing. Then I saw Donald and Hillary being forced through the ooze up to the surface, and slowly coming into view before my eyes.

Yes, all that crap down below, crap that American pulpits have essentially been turning a blind eye to for as long as I can remember, has finally made its way to the top.

Many pastors refuse to publicly align themselves with a candidate. But guess what? They would not be in that position today if they had done their job in the first place.

If American pastors en-masse, across the land (and not just a few here and there) had long been speaking boldly with a prophetic voice against the creep of immorality into our culture, and the murder of the unborn in the womb, America would not be in this position today.

If American pastors had used their pulpits to teach and instruct their parishioners on the Biblical fundamentals of civil government, and had been doing so all along, we likely would not be in this position today.

But as things stand, many in our church congregations are confused, disillusioned, and most importantly, ill-equipped for this hour. We are ill-equipped because Church leaders have not equipped us.

So let’s quit our moaning and groaning. This is the bed we made. Now we must sleep in it.

I will be voting for potty-mouth Trump. I will do so not because I think he is some kind of hero or savior, but because he is (despite many uncertainties and unknowns about him) our nation’s last opportunity to stop our country’s rapid run toward the cliff and into the abyss.

A Hillary presidency will ensure the end of the republic as we have known it. The central government (the state) will grow to become all-powerful and essentially unstoppable in their quest to control and manipulate just about everything and everyone. The Supreme Court will, with their decisions, nullify what’s left of our Constitution. And the holocaust upon the unborn will continue.

God’s full-blown judgment may very well be just around the corner. The day is coming soon when we will no longer be able to continue to worship our small “g” god of comfort.

I don’t want God’s judgment to fall in full force upon my country. And I am certainly not going to use my vote (or a non-vote or a third-party vote) to place a person in the White House who has promised to enforce policies that will turn my country further away from God, turn the state against the Church, open our borders even wider to who knows who, strip us of what few liberties we have left, and invite God’s judgment in full upon our land.

I honestly cannot understand how a Christian would willingly vote (or not vote) in a manner that would enable the continued murder of the unborn, and unleash the state to persecute the Church. Seriously, why would anyone do that? One pastor in our Facebook conversation last evening offered the reasoning that state empowerment and church persecution would create a “learning experience” for the Church. What? You can’t be serious! Where in Scripture do we find that kind of thinking? My Bible tells me that we are to pray for those in authority in order that we could lead “quiet and peaceable lives,” not that we invite the judgment of God! I mean I’m no pastor and I have no seminary training, but even a hick like me knows that is just plain stupid talk.

Yes, the alternative is a foul-mouthed rube who in my book is saying many of the right things policy-wise (although usually not that artfully), but is shrouded in some measure of mystery. The alternative however is well known and is utterly unacceptable. I will go with the rube who at is at least saying mostly right things and who has surrounded himself with some good people. I’ll take that chance. It’s the last one I may have.

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”

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