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Thoughts About the Times (Written in 2010)

I was searching for some files in my computer this afternoon and stumbled across this piece I penned on 4/23/2010 – nearly six years ago. It still rings very true. With only minor modifications, I submit it for your consideration below. ……….. God is slow to anger. But the murder of over 40 million (now […]

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Remembering and Entreating

The wife and I try our very best to gather every morning and spend time together in God’s Word and in prayer. This morning, our prayer time was exceptionally Spirit-filled. In the course of prayer I began to pray for our nation (praying for revival in our land has become a routine part of our […]

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Are Things Really That Bad?

Sunday morning at church, I had a friend ask me the above question. “Are things really that bad?” I flubbed the answer. I am not often asked such questions, and so I was caught off guard. I should have been better prepared. I answered only in terms of economics, discussing our nation’s massive debt load. […]

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