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NightWatch–Some Samplings

Many of you have been quite patient with me as I have continued to promote my work in progress, the NightWatch Podcast. I am so grateful for all of the kind words I have received and the many messages of encouragement. It is taking me a good bit longer to develop and produce these podcasts […]

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The Patriot.07 – The Non-Patriot

It happened nearly nine years ago and involved but a few words. But those few words, spoken from a stage in London to a crowd of country music fans, shocked millions of Americans and altered the course of perhaps the hottest music group of that day―The Dixie Chicks. Just ten days before the U.S. Military […]

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The Patriot – Prologue

Once upon a time in a land formerly rich in liberty and its commensurate blessings, lived a small remnant of true patriots that fought with all they had to fend off the growing press of big government, and to restore the … Oh wait … this isn’t a fairy tale. This is reality! And we […]

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